Brief Cameo Productions

Save the Date: January 9, 2021


May 15, 2020

BCP Friends,

We can hardly believe that it’s been only four short months since we celebrated our inaugural concert production of Ragtime with you. We were delighted not only with how well the production was received, but also with how many of you asked us “what’s next?”.

A couple of months ago, we asked you to “save the date” of January 9, 2021. We’ve been excitedly planning our next offering and busily working behind the scenes to make it happen. We had hoped in short order to be sharing with you what our next production would be, along with the talented team making it happen.

However, the reality is that even as we look eight months into the future, things continue to be uncertain. As the global health situation continues to unfold, we continue to monitor how it will affect our ability to produce what we hope to become an annual event. Please be assured that the safety of our artists and our audiences is our foremost priority. So for right now, our answer to “are we still on for January?” is… we don’t know yet.

With more and more theatre companies announcing cancellations, we are delaying our rollout until we have a little more clarity and certainty on if we can safely and effectively present this offering. We are in the process of crafting a timeline that will allow us to hopefully move forward with the show; we are also in the process of creating a backup plan should the need to postpone the production to a later date become necessary.

These are challenging times, and we thank you for your patience as we navigate our reentry to the social and artistic world. We wish you all good health and we look forward to sharing stories together again soon.

Best wishes,

Jim Clark, Producer & Alan Piotrowicz, Associate Producer